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How It Works

Step 1. Assign you a dedicated account manager

Step 2. We get to know your business ebbs & flows

Step 3. Input company data & company processes

Step 4. Form your reports & financial statements

Step 5. Create a block of calendar time for future meetings

The beginning of a beautiful value-based relationship has just begun. Note; we are consistently seeking new ways that our clients can cut cost, improve efficiencies and increase profits.


Cash Flow Experts

Financial Workflow Experts.  
Automation That Increases CashFlow.
Built For Startups

Fund Streams was built for Startups who need the same financial flexibility in their ERP systems as their larger industry counterparts. We solved the stressful data entry, error-prone models of legacy systems. Fund Streams provides business with smart technology and seamless workflow automation that eliminates the stress of doing unproductive repetitive task.


We are certified technology app advisors, cash flow experts and solutions providers. With Fund Streams, you can avoid the confusion of finding a good bookkeeper who works well with startups.


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