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Is support included ?

Support? Yes, in addition to this support page we will assign you a dedicated account manager, that will work with you and your team to answer any questions you may have. If we don't have the answers we will work diligently to get them.


 Accrual Vs. Cash method?

Accrual based bookkeeping gives an accurate picture to what we call transactional events. It records events as they happen not just when cash exchanges accounts. The Cash method records the exchange of cash in and cash out, it does not record the complete transactional event in time.


We Help Our Clients Save

Time. Time. Time. We save our client time through a variety of strategies. Time is the resource need to produce all things. I guess you can say we save our clients from wasting on all things...


Client Partnerships

We view our clients as partners in a journey. Business is the engine of life and this is our core philosophy. Our client's success is our "only" success. Its a partnership of understanding and due diligence.


How does your pricing work?

Our pricing was created with startups in mind. Our monthly subscription model is simple and straight forward. We give our client low monthly instalments to help them build their business and minimize their expenses in the startup .

Who are Funds Streams for?

Fund Streams was built for individuals with ideas, startups who have started and small businesses navigating better methods managing their cash flow. Our client care and pricing will reflect this, as we know the needs of Startups and how to best serve them



If you start to grow and take off, our price adjust slightly according to your monthly expenditures. Our motto is our"only" success is your success. So we start off with a basic fee structure that makes everyone happy.


Accurate Counting

We get the numbers right the first time! We see things as musicians do, we record instruments, notes and send messages. All things are reconciled in harmony to create the perfect balance. 


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

Fund Streams Bookkeeping is full service agency that provides business with easy to understand financials that allows them to make better informed decisions.

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